Now Announcing Three Important Ways Attorneys In America Benefit Individual Clients And Businesses

Lawyers provide a valuable service to America. They are the people’s advocates and protectors of rights. Yet, in these times of economic difficulties, consumers and businesses may believe lawyers an added expense they do not need. 

Here are three ways that attorneys benefit society and why anyone contemplating hiring one should wait no longer.

1. Attorneys Uphold the Rule of Law

Societies create laws so that its members will know their rights and duties.

Without laws, people will undoubtedly do whatever they feel. Consequently, the strong will take from the weak. The weakest members will then have to resort to what legal scholars refer to as “self-help.” This term implies that people ultimately use whatever is within their means, including physical force, to protect their property, freedom and life. In a society with laws, the rules serve as a deterrent to those who want to take from others.

Yet, the presence of rules on paper is not enough. Somebody must be able to comprehend the laws and advocate for the common person. Lawyers perform this important function. Criminal prosecutors, for example, prosecute those who break the rules and harm others; meanwhile; criminal defense lawyers argue for the innocence of those wrongly accused.

2. Attorneys Promote Business Growth

At the turn of the 20th century, the economy underwent tremendous growth. The transcontinental railroad linked the East and West coasts. Large corporations developed, capable of conducting business in multiple states.

These companies required the services of attorneys who understood federal and various state laws. Executives in this fast-paced environment could not wait until there was a problem to take action. They needed someone on retainer who could provide legal advice on a regular basis. These corporate attorneys still exist today and, along with their criminal law counterparts, help America remain an economic and political powerhouse.

3. Attorneys Help Ensure Innocence Until Proven Guilty

In the United States, anyone accused of criminal misconduct enjoys the presumption of innocence until the authorities prove them guilty in a court of law. This requirement appears both in the due process clauses of the Constitution and in criminal procedure rules in the states.This vital protection of freedom is important in creating a stable society. Americans know that the government cannot arbitrarily target them for punishment.

A criminal lawyer has much at his or her disposal to defend the honor of the accused. In the end, the prosecution must prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the offender committed the crime. The truly innocent usually go free and juries hopefully can rest assured those whom they convicted deserve the punishment. All can feel secure that justice usually prevails.

For Those Who Need an Attorney

Lawyers are an important cog in the American justice system. Despite the plethora of “lawyer jokes” designed to poke fun at the profession, society always needs competent legal advisers. Anyone accused of a crime, victimized by criminals or engaged in complex business operations should contact an attorney in their area as soon as possible.

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