NATO: the premier European security alliance.

NATO is the premier European security alliance to stop war.

As of today, NATO is the premier European security alliance offering both military and political aid. NATO came into existence as a direct response to the second world war. It is a political and military alliance designed to provide member nations with a collective security mechanism. NATO’s main purpose is to protect the freedom and security of its European members and also of those across the Atlantic, namely, the countries of Canada, Britain, and the United States. In instances where diplomatic efforts fail to provide resolution, NATO is authorized to use military force. While its members concern themselves chiefly with how to prevent European conflicts from becoming world wars, NATO has expanded their charter to include defense mechanisms to combat terrorism that threaten world peace.
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a pioneer in crisis resolution of conflicts since the second World War. At a short notice, NATO alliance members will commit their considerable resources to help their Europeans and non-Europeans allies. Members get together to plan meetings in order to address critical flash points requiring their serious attention. Some key areas of their actions have been joint military operations that helped to train member countries in crisis-management. No one needs to be reminded of the essential role of NATO in preventing the war in Afghanistan.

The most well regarded of NATO operations are their peacekeeping missions.

The organization collectively decides how to manage crisis on a case-by-case basis. NATO members offer their opinions to the specific request at hand and work in cooperation with other international bodies to develop a more sustained global approach. The North Atlantic Council, the main unit of NATO, shares intelligence and other data within their alliance to prevent crises from developing into all out conflict.